Formula DRIFT 2017 Round 2: Uncharted Territory at Orlando Speed World

  What would you be thinking coming into Rd 2 with high stakes on the table after Deane took top of the podium in Rd 1? Well, the Pro 1 field of cars were here to rock the pavement and put the pressure hard into doors. With Orlando Speed World giving one wild bank to ride, the hesitations to tap wall here were nonexistent! We always love this track’s ability to let the fans get up close and personal in turn one.

  The shake down runs in practice Friday morning showed that everyone was on their A-game. To no surprise, qualifying went just as smooth. But competition is when things got hot and heavy.

(Deane Kearney &Daijiro Yoshihara battle in tandems)

James Deane, coming back to defend his round 1 win, looked very solid in practice, but struggled in the his exhibition runs on Saturday. While he didn’t move on as much as his diehard fans would have loved to have seen, he still stands at 2nd place in points after round 2. I think we can all agree that he’s a man to watch this season as his driving is proving to be consistent and strong.

(Above: Team Worthouse, Falken Tires driver James Deane coming through clipping point)

Vaughn Gittin Jr. What can you say negatively about the show this driver puts on? NOTHING. With two tires blazing and one naturally pulling air, he took his Monster Energy, Nitto tired, Ford Mustang all the way to the Top 4. I’m glad to say that I’m not in the judging tower because his battle with Fredric Aasbo was intense!

(Above: Fredric Aasbo on the chase with Vaughn Gittin Jr)

(Fredric Aasbo battles Vaughn Gittin Jr in Top 4)

Through dozens of Nexen Tires, Fredric Aasbo in his Rockstar Energy Drink Toyota, lead his way through the field with unbelievable chase run after another all the way to the top of the podium. A real force to be reckoned with these first two rounds!

(We have no idea how Aasbo can see through the cloud of Essa’s Achilles tires either)


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Photography: @DukeNewport




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Article & Photography: Duke Newport






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