Formula D Long Beach | Qualifying

Formula D | Long Back 2013
Another Season Begins

Photography by Nelson Queralta


Another year of Formula D is here. As the qualifying rounds started, there were a few changes for the 2013 season. For starters, all drivers got two runs to make qualifying. The first run was your qualifying run. However, if a driver did not make the Top 16, they were given a second run to make the Top 32.


There were some surprises though as Nate Hamilton and Corey Hosford did not make qualifying. In addition Walker Wilkerson did not pass tech.


There was some excitement in qualifying as Justin Pawlak had a bad wreck. The car was repaired and he did make Top 32. Also, Ryan Tuerck crashed his car late in the evening and shattered one of his Fifteen52 wheels.

Take a look at some of the qualifying rounds…


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