Up in smoke at Formula D Round 4 at Wall, NJ

Formula Drift makes it to Wall Speedway in NJ for their 8th time. It was hot, muggy and after swallowing mouth loads of rubber and inhaling gallons of tire smoke; I can honestly say it was a great time!

This is one of the smaller courses on the FD schedule, but due to its high banks and figure 8 infield, it created some of the best FD action I’ve seen this season. The wall on turn 1, did what Wall is most famous for, claim car after car. Parts were flying and competition was intense.

Enjoy the pics from Joe Dantone and stay tuned for parts 2 & 3 of Round 4 coverage!

Formula Drift X State of Stance SoS X GoPro | Get your HERO Camera at GoPro.com