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Eurotripper 2 | The Euro Sequel


Here at State of Stance we absolutely love being a part of charity events. They give us the chance to make an impactful difference in the community. Paul Barney, founder of Eurotripper, gave us the opportunity we were looking for. This event was held to showcase Brooke’s Legacy, an organization focused on giving abandoned pets second chances.

Eurotripper concentrates on air-cooled and water-cooled euros. They offer the Florida west coast euro community a place to gather, exhibit their beautiful cars, and pick up gear from some the industries coolest brands. Attendees came from all over the state to enjoy this “chill event”. Paul and his energetic staff did such a wonderful job coordinating and executing the event that it has us hyped for next year.


We’d love to take a moment to thank all the amazing fans that stopped by our booth to show us love and support. You are the reason we continue to cover these events and we couldn’t continue without you.

We have a lot of photos and information to share so we’ll be posting a part II with winners and a second gallery. Stay Tuned…


Article by: Leo Diaz
Photography by: Nelson Queralta

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