HIN’s WDrift | Orlando

HIN’s WDrift Orlando
Hot Import Nights Goes Sideways

Photography by Michael Alvarado


What can be said about HIN. Long after several changes in management and a few name leases; HIN is still the most recognized sanction in the show car circuit. Promising cars, models, music, and lifestyle; some event deliver while others fall short. Participation has slowly declined over the last few years but there are still many that attend and hold the memories of HIN events pre F&F. Recognizing this, they started dabbing in the drifting game to keep up with the current pace of their fan-base.


Now combined with WDrift, the events offer a 2-day automotive experience full of sideways action. Whether you are a HIN fan or not, there are always some worthwhile builds and of course a slew of scantly clad models. Enjoy these shots of the event and keep in mind that though there seems to be a new event or meet popping up every week, that it was the original HIN that started the craze.


Formula Drift X State of Stance SoS X GoPro | Get your HERO Camera at GoPro.com