Staff Spotlight: Roly Dee

Staff Spotlight: Roly Dee
New Kid on the Block

Words by Emil Garcia

Roly Dee is a local photographer that has made quite a name for himself in the south florida automotive scene. Roly came up by shooting local drift events and cars, his work was noticed by other local photographers and they teamed up to create Smerk Films. Unfortunatley as is in many cases, life happens and Smerk disbanded, leaving each of the photographers to go their own way. Roly began working for Splashlight Studios, where he is still currently putting in long hours. As of June 1st, Roly Dee will join the staff here at SoS as a Feature/Race Photographer, Videographer, and StanceTV Producer. Check in frequently for works from Roly Dee and the rest of the SoS Team.

Excerpts of Roly Dee’s works can be had at

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