Because Racekor

Because Racekor
The Legend Behind the Racekor

Photography by Steven Martinez

There are cars and then there are cars. What I mean, simply put is that there are cars that you see on the road and say; “Oh cool.” Then there are cars that you see and the image is branded into your memory banks with a glowing red prod that says WTF!

Flat black, sitting on flat black CCW Classics, staring at you with big bug eyes, just waiting for you to dare it to do something… This is that prod wielding car; a car that defies all tuning styles and themes to truly transcend the aura of a driver… a driver known simply as Manny.

Manny Collazo, one of the co-founders of HighwayStar Garage Clothing Co. is a local hero to some, a friend to many, and a driver to all. Having previous builds featured in magazines such as Import Racer; Manny is no stranger to the passion and addiction that is the automotive scene. When he started this build though, he threw magazine aspirations to the wind and started a genuine project in a cloud of flat black Krylon.

Acquiring the car in Sedona Red Pearl, a most unfortunate incident caused the first spray of flat black to touch the car, and as they say, the rest is history. The Sedona Red Pearl now peaks through only in the seams, trying to escape its flat black prison. But alas, Manny always has a case of flat black handy for touch ups or as he calls it, cleaning the car.

Fitted with an arsenal of electrical equipment, it’s hard to sit in this car and not feel like you’re in the cockpit of an X-Wing (R2-D2 included), and that’s just how Manny likes it. (side fact; Manny Like Everything). From multiple GPS units, to radar jammers, and blockers, to a full Cusco roll cage with added support points.  

The cockpit is not the only area with an eclectic collection of items. The exterior is adorned with badges. You may just see a bunch of stickers, but each sticker holds a story, a location driven to or from. Talking with Manny you soon realize that these “sticker bombed” windows are more like the patch filled shoulder strap of a boy scout. Proudly out in the open so all can marvel over the earned patches.

The trunk of this racekor continues the eclectic tradition, filled with supplies and of course a full size CCW spare in bright yellow. As a driver the one thing you note is that he is a transporter. I can vouch the times he has made the trip from Orlando to Miami just to deliver me a bumper, or a seat, or a diffuser… which of course ended up on his car because that is where the racekor gods wanted it.

Keep your eyes peeled. This mysterious racekor will be making a trek from FL to CA and may end up stopping in a town near you. So when you ask why? Just know, BECAUSE RACEKOR!!!  

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