You’re My Boy Blue

Your My Boy Blue
Georgie Why You So Blue

Photography by Jacob Tompkins

George Guevara chased this car for about 3 years, he wanted to purchase it from the original
owner. He says he truly fell in love with it the first time he saw a picture
of it. Its that kind of passion that makes for great builds.

Never really having a car he went to far with, to Georgie cars were like socks. Then this one came along and stuck to him like toilet paper on the bottom of our shoe. Its current state might be deceiving as it took a lot of work to get it to this point, and for him there is still a lot to go. The interior is being re-upholstered; Sam Huessien (oue Gulf Coast Leader) and Georgie did the headliner/pillars in black suede. The Florida heat proved to be a force to reckon with and has left its mark on a few spots.

At one time being his daily, he didn’t want to have it down for too long so the sun-kissed pieces soon became a staple of the ever-changing interior. Last go around was a set of 16×9 Schmidts and coils. Since then a few changes have come along; most notable the air ride and the Gottis. After the bags he wanted something flashy, so a trade went down to acquire the Schmidts. (Fronts: 16×8 around +18et after adapters / rears: 16×9.5 around +12et after adapters)

Anyone who knows Georgie knows the trouble this car has proved to provide. From coilpacks to 4 sets of axles, 7 wheel bearings, alternator, wiring issues… the list goes on. At times he felt the build was futile; and the love hate relationship grew. (He loves the car, the car hates him…) However, its that pure passion that I mentioned earlier that won’t let Georgie let go of this car. As he puts it, “I dont see myself without it. Its almost become a part of me in a sense. I’m lucky enough to have a girlfriend who understands what it means to me and has been there every step of the way.”

Shout outs: To my friends, I couldn’t have done it alone. Huge thank you to my good friends Ceejay, Sam, Will, Christian, Matt and to all my Vortex buddys always there to help out when Im having issues. Cant forget Justin over at Urotuning supplying me with parts locally since day one. Hope to see everyone at SoWo!

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