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Dennii B
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Photography by Frank Leon

Sometimes my job can be very difficult. Many weekends away from the comfort of my home, stuck in airport terminals, driving crappy rental cars, and eating stale “continental breakfasts”.

Those however are sacrifices that must be made, in return I get to hang in the paddock of many racetracks, see some of the coolest cars, photograph umbrella girls, and occasionally have phone conversations with Playboy models. I know it’s a rough life, but someone has to do it…

Along this journey I happen to come across Denise Bortnak, known in the industry as DenniiB. Dennii is quite the interesting girl; she has recently made quite a name for herself in the modeling industry as a special edition Playboy model and to top that off she is rocking the car scene as she is an up and coming drifter. Yeah, that wasn’t a typo, I said drifter.

We had the opportunity to not only speak to her, but do a shoot with her and her S13, sitting on CCW LM20s.

So let’s cut to the chase; and hear it directly from the Model/Drifter herself.

SOS: Hey how are you? It’s not every day I get to interview a Playboy model.
Dennii: (she giggles) well yeah, I’m doing good and you?

SOS: Good. So tell me about yourself, where were you born?
Dennii: I was born in Czech Republic originally. I didn’t stay there too long though; I came from being born there about a year old and moved to FL with my mom.

SOS: Oh so you were pretty much raised here, a Florida baby.
Dennii: Yeah for the most part, although my mom kept me in the culture, she spoke Czech to me and I learned English in school. Czech was my first language and English second.

SOS: Are those the only two languages that you know?
Dennii: Fluently yes, I know a bit of French but only partial.
SOS: Wow, trilingual. That’s hot.

SOS: How did you get started in modeling?
Dennii: I started when I was really young. My mom didn’t always have a lot of finances so we didn’t pursue it too much when I was little although I did go to modeling school and I started when I was 11. Then I stopped, I went to school and just recently, about a year ago, my boyfriend hinted that I should pursue it again. And so I gave it a shot.

SOS: What interested you most about modeling?
Dennii: I like the creativity behind it, the way you can put on different types of makeup and outfits and look completely different.

SOS: What are your best accomplishments thus far in the modeling industry?
Dennii: I recently was welcomed into the Playboy family. I am a playboy model and will be published in two of the special editions, I don’t know exactly which ones, but they will be coming out within the next month. My online release was Jan 19th, which I was really excited about, and I will also be published in a few other magazines coming up but that’s a surprise.
SOS: We will definitely be looking out for that.

SOS: Where else can we find you?
Dennii: You can also find me featured in an online magazine called “Coed Mag” and also in models of the week for “What’s hot in Orlando”?

SOS: If you weren’t modeling what would you be doing?
Dennii: I also have a few other hobbies as of right now. I don’t only do modeling; I am also a racecar driver. I just started that, so if I wasn’t modeling I would probably just be driving and continuing my education for school; I have Bachelors in Marine Biology.
SOS: Beauty and brains!

SOS: How did you get into the whole car scene, and how did you start driving?
Dennii: My boyfriend is really big into cars, he had a Lexus IS300. We started getting back into drifting and that’s where it started for me. I took an interest into it and started learning. Just recently was one of my events that I went to.

SOS: What car are you sliding?
Dennii: Currently a 92’ Nissan Silva S13.

SOS: Does it have an SR, or KA?
Dennii: It has an SR20 red top and it has a new turbo set up with a turbo that came off of a R33 skyline.

SOS: What is your dream vehicle, if you could drive anything?
Dennii: Oh that would definitely have to be a Nissan skyline. I recommend if anyone ever wants to give me a wonderful present an, R34 or the new GTR.
SOS: I will definitely let our readers know what’s on your wish list…

SOS: What do you do to stay in shape?
Dennii: I eat healthy, I try to. I work out seldom, just because if I do it too much, then I get too muscular. So I have to equal it out with a balance of being feminine and being toned.

SOS: I know all of our readers will be interested in knowing if you have ever used your looks to get out of a ticket?
Dennii: No I haven’t. My first freaking ticket that I got, I wasn’t even let off with a warning. He just gave me a straight up speeding ticket and it was a lot of money.

SOS: How fast were you going?
Dennii: I was going 50, in a 35.
SOS: Breaking the law…

SOS: If our readers wanted to meet a beautiful model/drifter like you, where would they go?
Dennii: Hmmm. Well recently I don’t go out as much, just because I have so much on my plate. However, I am usually at drift events and just being yourself is the best way to approach someone like me.

SOS: Being a girl in the sport, do you get a lot of heat from guys in the scene saying “You’re just a girl!”
Dennii: Uh well, on my last event I got a few reactions and a little bit of that. From the pro drivers, one of them isn’t fond of girl drivers that want to drift. He think that I shouldn’t and that I need many more years of experience doing auto- cross, and I need to work my way into drifting and eventually go pro. But a few of them are super excited, and think its rock-on awesome. And they support me, they always get a surprise look when I get out of the S13 and they are like “Wow, that’s awesome!” And I believe I may be one of the first Playboy models in the auto-racing scene.

SOS – That’s very exciting, thank you again and we’ll talk soon.
Dennii: Yeah! Bye!

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