A Bug’s Life

A Bug’s Life
One Unique Bug Story

Photography by Hector Chacon


Here is a story about a bug, a bug that found a new life in a young guy’s scene. Casey started this build in July after selling his MK4 Jetta wagon. Sourcing this VW from an older gentleman who had it out in the lot, it was flat electric blue and really needed some love.


After purchasing it, he took it home and started the rebuild process. Custom leather seats with full black carpet, white headliner, JVC radio with a 12″ Sony xplode Sub went in. Wanting to keep the flat look on the car Casey went through some different colors; flat blue and flat army green, and finally he stuck with the flat beige you see today.


It was then time to give the engine some TLC. The goal was to keep it original(ish) so most the parts were just replaced and a hint of chrome was added to give this 1600cc some flare. Though he does have plans for future swap or boost. We can’t wait to see!

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