Avant Garde

Avant Garde
Advanced Simplicity

Photography by Ian Kosiek


I got to see some behind the scene snaps of Travis’ A3 and I knew it was a build I wanted to share with all of you. It one of those cars that makes it look easy. Clean, wheels, and low; but there is so much more than meets the eye…


The A3’s body is smooth and clean, with gorgeous lines. Travis spent a lot of time deciding which wheel would compliment those lines the most. After seeing the amazing fitting set of Rotiform BWEs I would say that he made a spectacular choice.


The wheels where only part of the build, air controlled by Accuair’s e-level really makes this build come together. Laying frame, great wheels, and clean lines gives this car that “X” factor that so many seek from their build.

img_2683-copy img_2706-copy

img_2690-copy img_2707-copy

We are definitely excited to follow Travis’ build

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