Vison Auto Mega Drive

Vision Auto Mega Drive
Cars, Food & Fun from Palm Beack to Key West

Photography by Danny Mir


The Florida Mega Cruise was a one-day rally for all types of car enthusiasts from Florida. Vision Autos intended to make this one of the biggest road rallies to date in South Fl. While there was plenty of cars, it did fall short of the largely anticipated car count. It was a free event lead by the guys from the South Fl chapter of Vision Autos.

There were a total of five checkpoints where cars and drivers met, mingled and at some points ate. The first of these was in West Palm Beach. We woke up early to make the trek from Miami to West palm Beach since we wanted to be on the rally from the commencement.


At the West Palm Beach checkpoint we were expecting breakfast of some sort, or at least a venue that would allow us to buy, sit and eat some breakfast. To our disappointment what we found was a gathering in a mall parking garage where the driver’s meeting was held and Mega Cruise merchandise was being sold.

From Palm Beach the second checkpoint was Dave&Buster’s in Ft. Lauderdale. I was excited about this stop as well, thinking the group would get a chance to go into Dave&Busters and have some fun. This was not the case either. This stop was shorter than the rest as we quickly took off from the parking lot of the closed Dave&Busters.


The next stop on the rally was a Hooters in Doral. Knowing that this particular Hooters host a monthly car show, I knew we would be at that location for some time. I was determined to finally eat and had convinced myself that I was not leaving the third checkpoint without some food.


As we pulled in, all the spaces in front of the Hooters had been held for our group. It took some time to organize the line of cars into the parking spaces, but in the end it was well worth the wait. Cars and enthusiasts engulfed Hooters’ parking lot and we basically took over the location for the remainder of our time there.


I did hear that our friend Oscar did get into a collision on the highway in his NSX along with a Dodge SRT4. I suppose these are the things that happen when a flood of tuned cars takes on what seemed to be a traffic filled highway.

After this stop, I decided to head home as I was headed to Homestead-Miami Speedway the next morning for the conclusion of the FARA race.

Our very own Fafa did continue on to the fourth checkpoint in Key Largo. From there the rally continued on deeper in the keys ending in Key West were a car show took place and dinner for the remaining participants.


In the end, this being Vision Auto’s first rally, I have to say it was successful. I’m certain that they will start to iron out the wrinkles and make next year’s rally better.

Keep your eyes open for our video of the Vision Autos Mega Cruise. It should hit StanceTV (our new Vimeo channel. Go suscribe to StanceTV!) very soon. 

For more information about the Mega Cruise or the upcoming SAE event hosted by Vision Autos, visit their site or their facebook.

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