Idlers | Pure Passion

All this SEMA talk has caused a lot of late night sessions at the shop, running around all day and several sleepless nights. I’m sure people outside our scene look at us like we’re crazy. Why do people like us do it? Why do we comb the net in search of car pics and videos? Why do we spend all our money on our cars? Why do we drive almost anywhere for a meet? Because we are all car people and we share a passion. It’s that passion that connects us, unites us and builds this brotherhood that we call motorsports.

No one exudes that passion more Nakai-San. Over the last few days he’s been working non-stop on a few RWB creations at the Fatlace Paddock. They will be displayed at SEMA and I am looking forward to not only seeing them in person, but being able to share them with all of you.

So here is a documentary about the Idlers Club in Japan, I hope it stirs your automotive passion and also excites you for what’s to come from this year’s SEMA event.

In the words of Luke Huxham; “The real spirit of motorsport has nothing to do with lap times or pole positions it all boils down to individuals who enjoy driving cars and sharing the sport with other like-minded people.

We hope this short documentary will give you an insight into the mechanics behind a “passion” for motorsport. Please turn up your speakers and spare 5 minutes for story about motorsport in one of its purest forms.”

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