Nessen Forged

Over the recent years, wheel companies have popped up all over South Florida faster than self-serve yogurt franchises. Nessen Forged however, did things a little differently. Since its inception, proprietor and good friend Jonathan Cruz, took his time and did not rush the startup process. He mentioned to me in a meeting over the weekend that he did this because he wanted everything to be perfect before he introduced the brand to the open public. Also stating that he was not looking to reinvent the wheel, just make it fresher and better.

What caught my eye about Nessen is the fact that Jonathan is an active member of our automotive community, a young entrepreneur with a background in engineering and AutoCAD. He drives a 370Z with crazy camber, insane amounts of dish and a matte black wrap. He is a tuner and a builder like us, not just a businessman. I believe that this passion for our scene will reflect in his business; and because of this I am proud to introduce Nessen as our newest site partner. Look for good things to come from Nessen and SoS as we work together on future collaborations.

At this time, they are ready to take orders on their line of wheels, the S|5.0, S|5.1, S|5.2, S|5.3, S|7.0, S|7.1, S|7.2, S|8.0, S|9.0 and the S|10.0 . All available in flat face or different concave profiles ranging from slight concave to max concave. Plans are already in place for step lips ranging from 17″ upward as well as new designs and a distinct VIP line .

For more information please visit Nessen Forged.

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