HighwayStar x Elevation

It not a surprise that we love cars and we love to drive; oh and we love to eat. The boys at HighwayStar Garage have been masterfully combining these passions for many years now and all I can say is if you haven’t done a rally with HighwayStar; you don’t know what your missing.

This past weekend Manny and Ramon Collazo, founders of HighwayStar Garage, did a mini rally from Orlando to Pembroke Pines for the Elevation Burger challenge; the Vertigo Burger.

Stacked 10 patties tall, this 7″ tall tower of beef is held together with skewers and served with all the fixings on the side. After ordering 4 Vertigo Burgers; Manny, Ramon, Fafa and I caught the attention of the franchise manager and the PR rep Samantha Aubourg.

It wasn’t long after our arrival and 46 patty order that Manny was approached with a odd proposal.

He was offered fries and a drink on the house if he placed a stick-on Elevation Burger tattoo on his forehead and allowed them to post it on their facebook page.

Of course, Manny could not turn down the offer!

After devouring what seemed like an absurd amount of food we continued to speak with Samantha, Elevation Burger’s PR rep, about their soon to be open Elevation franchise in Orlando. Yes, that’s right, Orlando. So keep your eyes peeled for a State of Stance x HighwayStar rally from or possibly to Orlando for the grand opening and of course the HighwayStar Vertigo Burger Challenge.

Stay Tuned…

**please note that FKS, FKS Rally, eurghetto and its affiliates are not associated with HighwayStar Garage.  

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