Chasing Ch-hab

Owner: Youssef Ch-hab
Car: 2003 VW Golf GTI
Words & Photos: Austin Carmody

If you are part of the car scene in Tampa, Fl. then you already know this car. I myself have seen this car plenty of times at local events but had never met the owner. Luckly for me, I met Youssef Ch-hab at the perfect time. Just before our shoot, Youssef bagged his ’03 golf GTI and installed the R32 front bumper. He mentioned to me that this is just the begining of the car’s complete make over. OEM R32 side skirts have been ordered and Youssef is now debating between the OEM R32 rear bumper and a 20th AE rear valance. Being a self proclaimed “wheel whore”, you know that new wheels are a must, in fact, these Rotiform BLQ’s are already for sale! To finish off this transformation, everything will get resprayed with the original silverstone grey.

Be sure to stay tuned as we chase Youssef Ch-hab through this build.
Part 2 coming soon!


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