NSCRA Round 1

March 13th, marked the 1st Round of the NSCRA schedule for 2011. Taking place at Palm Beach International Raceway under weather so fantastic it was unbelievable. Hundreds of South Florida tuners, race teams, and spectators came out to enjoy the event.


Vendors from all over lined the grid behind the stands and offered a place for spectators and racers to enjoy food, check out new products, meet some industry partners, meet the drivers, see the cars and of course get your picture taken with the gorgeous girls of Jessica Barton’s Model Lounge. If that is not enough, the girls stripped down to almost nothing for the Hot Body contest.


All in all it was a great day. There was plenty to do and see and the weather was record perfect for South Fl. The NSCRA will be hosting more events in their series at Palm Beach International Raceway with their next one coming up on May 22nd. All I have to say is mark your calendars, tune your motors, and wash your cars because these are events that cannot be missed!


Keep an eye out as well for State of Stance& NSCRA to be collaborating and bring you even more to see and do at future events!


It was a fierce day at the track with participants flooding the various classes. Here are the top drivers for each class.


In the Mike Turbo Extreme/Modified Compact class the win goes out to Heriberto Santiago of Lake Hamilton, FL in an ’87 Mazda RX7 with a 7.038 pass at 194.07mph.


In the EuroeXport Hot Rod class the win goes to Vijay Ramkisson of North Miami, FL in a ’95 Toyota Supra with a 8.081 pass at 172.25mph.


In the Clutch Masters Pro Stock class the win goes to Jesus Padilla Jr of Kissimmee, FL in am ’85 Mazda with a 9.041 pass at 148.33mph.


In the Driveshaft Shop Outlaw Class the win goes to Benjamin Rodriguez of Tampa, FL in a ’93 Honda with a 9.248 pass at 164.27mph.


In the South Florida Turbo True Street class the win goes to Eddie Bello, another FL native, in his Porsche by default. His fastest pass of the day was 9.295 at 164.41mph.


In the Phantom Grip 10.50 Index class the win goes to Shane Phillips of Dania Beach, FL in a ’91 Mitsubishi Eclipse by default. His fastest time of the day was 10.601 at 134.75mph.


In the Torque Solutions 11.50 Index class the win goes to James Innes of Sanford, FL in a ’94 Honda Civic by default. His fastest time of the day was 11.677 at 117.83mph.


Other class winners are Tony Cline of Cocoa, FL with a ’92 Honda Civic in the 12.50 Index class and Mark Carrasco of Port St. Lucie, FL with a ’90 Honda Civic in the 13.50 Index class.

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