Lady In Red

Words by Leo Diaz
Photos by Hector Chacon

What can be said about Sergio Ramirez’s Audi A4 can also be said about Sergio himself; “unique”!
Sergio is one of the lucky people that live where most people vacation, a town full of nightlife, vices, art and of course style. So it is no surprise that this masterfully stanced Audi resides in the MIA.

Step into Miami for the first time and you’ll be overwhelmed by the energy, a subtle touch of slow moving Caribbean life during the day with a intense pulse of hectic city nightlife when the sun goes down. You can’t help but notice all the design aspects that are infused into the city along with its Latin culture. It’s that same recipe that describes Sergio’s tuck&poke A4; relaxed and luxurious on one side, with an edgy urban and stylish stance on the flip side.

Cruising the streets of South Beach during the day is made possible by a set of 18×10 Rotiform TMB’s in what I call Art Deco White those shoes laced up with 225/35’s. After dark you can find this sexy lady in red hardparked underneath the glow of Downtown’s street lights thanks to Mason Tech airride.

Don’t think I’m a fan of this car solely because Sergio is one of our very dedicated staff members, when you see this car in person you’ll feel the same way I do!


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