Creating Value, for what its worth…

Value… its a funny word. It has weight but is completely variable. So how does one define value? What one person finds valuable, another may not. In essance value is an opinion, a matter of prefernace.

So I ask, “Does this blog have value?” In talking with freinds, fans, mentors and other industry leaders; we here at State of Stance have decided that in 2011 we will add more value to our blog. You ask, “How?”

Well these are the things we consider to have value and this is what you can expect from State of Stance in 2011.

  • Exclusive features. When I say exclusive I mean, features that can only be seen here on State of Stance.
  • More variety in content. We will bring you more than just cars, we will bring you culture and lifestyle.
  • We will define STANCE. Every version of the word, from hardparked stance, to street stance, to track stance.
  • More event coverage. We know you can’t make every meet and every event. So we will try to get out there and bring it to you so you don’t miss a thing.
  • Colaborations with industry leaders. With an oversaturation of blogs, forums and events, our goal is to collaborate with the best of the best to bring you quality events that will be as much about you as they will be about the cars.
  • International Unity. Here is the key! As we continue to grow, we have started to reach out to many international readers. Our goal is to unite everyone into a Global Car Cluture.

Bottom line, if you are only interested in one genre of tuning (i.e. Euro, JDM, Drift, Hardparked, Muscle Car, etc…). Then this is not the blog for you. But if you eat, sleep, and breathe car culture. If you love anything with an engine and wheels. If your brain runs like an interal combustion engine and motor oil runs through your veins. Then we welcome you home, because this blog is for you!

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