Drift King Walks Away from D1

Source: Adam Zillin – 7Tune

The guys over at 7Tune have comfimred that Daijiro Inada and Keiichi Tsuchiya (aka The Drift King) have decided to part ways with the D1GP drift circuit. Tsuchiya mentioned in his own personal blog that it is due to differnaces with other members. Though he ends the explination with a posotive note, citing that he plans on starting another circuit from the ground up.

“We ( Inada and Tsuchiya ) wanted to make improvements to the series but were met with resistance from other members of the group. Unwillingly, I have decided to cease my involvement in the series.”

Tsuchiya went on to apologize to his supporters, ““I am sorry to the fans and sponsors. We are going to start from zero and create a new future for drift in Japan.”

Without clarifying what details this involves, Keiichi went on to say that, ““We are considering a drift event which fans, sponsors and entrants can get satisfaction from…”

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