HIN / Nopi – Miami Beach

Photos by: FAL Photography
Words by: Leo Gets

I few weeks before SOSv1.0 I received a phone call from NOPI owner, Mark Meyers. He was inquiring about State of Stance and our reach within the community. We talked about the HIN/Nopi Tour and their stop here in Miami. From that conversation it was decided that SOS would attend the Miami event to help bring more events and exposure to South Fl. After our success at Remix/Hellaflush Miami, Mark was kind enough to offer us an addition 10×10 space on top of our existing footprint at the show. This was awesome! It allowed us to place 3 very well built cars in our booth, 2 of which took home awards. We were also given the honor of judging the 1st ever Best Stance Award on the HIN/Nopi Tour.

Of the 3 cars we had in our booth, Milton Rey’s Toyota Supra, Danny Mir’s Honda S2000 & Flat6’s Porsche GT3; Milton took home Best of Show with a $1000 cash prize and Flat6 took home Best in Class. After some really close judging Carlos Gonzalez’s Nissan Altima took home Best Stance.

If you made it to HIN/Nopi I hope you found your way to the State of Stance Booth and took a picture with our SOS Girl or at least said hello to which ever of us was working the booth. If you didn’t, well don’t fret… You’ll get another chance at SimplyClean2 in Nov.

For now, enjoy the pics and be on the look out for Part 2 coming soon.
Stay low&wide!

Formula Drift X State of Stance SoS X GoPro | Get your HERO Camera at GoPro.com