Remix / HellaFlush VI – Miami :: Part 2

When I saw my good friend Chris aka Squeek at Remix/Hellaflush he showed me only one picture that he took and I knew his shots had to be on the site. Squeek had a shoot after the show (that you might see on SoS soon) so to hurry the process of finishing both sets we teamed up to edit them. His shoot is more delicate and requires more time in photoshop since it involved a rig, so I took over the event pictures. Squeek has a unique composition so I edited the pictures to fit this. Some I felt had a more epic grim feel to them and others colorful and warm. Check the pictures and let us know what you think!

Words: Frank Leon
Photos: Chris Cruz – Squeek Photography
Post-Processing: Frank Leon FAL Phootgraphy

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