Local Meet & BBQ

Hybrid Werks/Nippon Power out of Medley, FL hosted a local Meet & BBQ. fafa and I met up in the morning to get the cars cleaned up. Being the concerned and helpful people that we are, we felt compelled to donate to charity, so we headed straight for a local cheerleader/dance team carwash…

After the girls soaped up, rinsed and dried the cars we headed out to meet up with a few other cars. As one of the Community Organizers for the South Florida chapter of S2ki, I along with fafa, loaded up our trunks with soda and burgers and lead a seven car caravan to the meet. A major iPhone Google Maps fail, a tour of Waste Management, a treacherous off-road adventure through pot-hole canyon, and thankfully we finally arrived semi-unscathed.

I absolutely love these types of grassroots meets; the people are always friendly, the food is always plentiful and delicious and the cars never disappoint. Props go out to the shop for letting us take over the parking lot, and to all those that attended. Now on to the good stuff, here are some amazing pics of the meet courtesy of Oliver Ledesma.

Formula Drift X State of Stance SoS X GoPro | Get your HERO Camera at GoPro.com