Swagger For Sale

Within the stance culture there are a few icons that are utterly recognizable. When this 1983 VW Rabbit hit the scene, it took the net by storm. Pictures popped up everywhere, the most famous one being of a police officer looking under the car confused as to how it was even driving.

Well its sad to say, but this stance culture icon is now for sale. Currently residing in Chesapeake, VA this car is nothing short of a jaw dropper. Built true vdub rat style with shortened axles, reinforced oil pan and insane camber, this SwaggRabbit is by far the most uniquely urban build I have ever seen. It’s a collaboration of everything stance, but exaggerated like an anime cartoon.

If you happen to come across its ebay auction, you’ll note that the owner will not let you purchase the car and attempt to drive it. He states that the suspension geometry is so “out of whack” that the car behaves very erratic. But take her off a trailer at events like Springfest 2010 and you might just walk away with the first place trophy for Best Stance Class and receive notice on magazines like PVW.

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