A True Golden Nugget

I came across this S2000 while surfing through the S2k forums and I absolutely fell in love.  CCW’s are always a win in my book and this AP pulled of the perfect stance! The custom ordered CCW LM20’s are in brushed gold and in crazy 18×10 & 18×11.5. The shiny barrels are wrapped in Toyo T1Rs 245/35 & 285/30.

Maybe I’m being a little bias since I used to own a set of gold BBS LM’s. But this S2000 owned by  Chad Whitmore is on my list of the Top 5 Sexiest S2000s.  I mean, just look at that rear… even Kim Kardashion is getting jealous.

Formula Drift X State of Stance SoS X GoPro | Get your HERO Camera at GoPro.com