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Simply Clean 4

Simply Clean 4 Here to Stay Photography by Nelson Queralta    So its November once again and we all know what comes in November, Simply Clean. For the past 3 years Nickoli over at has put together a November meet in Central Florida, and this year was not one to be forgotten. This year the event was held at Destination Dayt0na in Ormond Beach, FL and the turnout was amazing. An ocean of cars packed into the property to display this year’s work to the world. From Japanese to Euro, Stance to Track, There was something for everyone in this buffet of cars. In addition to the cars, Vendors from all over the state came out...

So Fresh and So Clean Apr02

So Fresh and So Clean

So Fresh and So Clean HardParked Does It Again Videography by Jose SanLuis After much hesitation, here is Pat’s Official video debut for Hard-Parked. Pat has put much time and dedication into his JDM front and rear Civic that is currently sitting on Work VSXX in 17×9.5. Check out the video and share it with your friends. Don’t forget to ‘Like’ the team on FaceBook!

Triple Crown Dec28

Triple Crown

Triple Crown Christmas Caroling Gone Wild Photography by Jasper Ash Occasionally we find a great looking IS that we’d love to feature. Then there’s Christmas morning when I wake up to find this seasonal trio of sexy low and wide cars. The family at State of Stance must have been nice this year for us to get such a great gift (Well at least that’s what the big guy thinks…). So we bring you this holiday greeting and wishes of a Happy New Year courtesy of JR Panganiban, Gustavo Padilla, and Peter Pham. Take a moment to appreciate the static height at which these beauties roam the streets. Peter and JR choose 19s, Volk and Work...

Double Trouble in Titusville Dec22

Double Trouble in Titusville

Double Trouble in Titusville Titusville 240s Roam the Central FL Streets Photography by Viet Dang These two Nissan 240s owned by Nick Carrillo and Eric Miller are a great example of what can happen when two friends build together. Sporting big front mounts and a lower|wider™ stance, its east to see why they would intimidate any rearview mirror. The wheel diameter of choice for these to street machines is 17″ with widths ranging from 9″ to 10″. BC Racing coils bring both of these beauties down to the ground. Don’t think for a moment that Nick and Eric chose a good suspension and wheels and called it a day. There...