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WORKing It Out Jan18

WORKing It Out

WORKing It Out NYPD Roadside Service Photography by Edward Perez As a photographer I am always looking to find the next feature. This one came courtesy of New York’s finest. I had recently moved to NY when I spotted Leo Garcia’s Accord pulled over by NYPD. I pulled along the side of the road and creeped up on the passenger window. While the officer wrote up his ticket, he and I exchanged a few words and business cards. After some time of communicating he mentioned the car was ready to shoot and we coordinated. So I want to thank the boys in blue for finding this feature for me… LOL. Enjoy! INTERIOR Hyper White LED all...

One SUPRA-sized Build Aug25

One SUPRA-sized Build

JDM Styles | One SUPRA-sized Build Words by: Leo Diaz Photos by: FAL Photography & Squeek Studios As State of Stance continues to grow you will start to see more and more features on the site. These features will range from full race cars with sik track stance all the way to complete street cars with sik hardpark’d stance. Rest assured that we will only bring you features of cars that will make you want to just stare at the pictures over and over again. This car is one of those cars; sitting right in the middle of the spectrum. Not quite a full race car, but far from a daily driver. This 1997 15th Anniversary Edition Toyota Supra is a...