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Dennii B | Drift These Curves Feb21

Dennii B | Drift These Curves

Dennii B Drift These Curves Photography by Frank Leon Sometimes my job can be very difficult. Many weekends away from the comfort of my home, stuck in airport terminals, driving crappy rental cars, and eating stale “continental breakfasts”. Those however are sacrifices that must be made, in return I get to hang in the paddock of many racetracks, see some of the coolest cars, photograph umbrella girls, and occasionally have phone conversations with Playboy models. I know it’s a rough life, but someone has to do it… Along this journey I happen to come across Denise Bortnak, known in the industry as DenniiB. Dennii is quite the...

Double Trouble in Titusville Dec22

Double Trouble in Titusville

Double Trouble in Titusville Titusville 240s Roam the Central FL Streets Photography by Viet Dang These two Nissan 240s owned by Nick Carrillo and Eric Miller are a great example of what can happen when two friends build together. Sporting big front mounts and a lower|wider™ stance, its east to see why they would intimidate any rearview mirror. The wheel diameter of choice for these to street machines is 17″ with widths ranging from 9″ to 10″. BC Racing coils bring both of these beauties down to the ground. Don’t think for a moment that Nick and Eric chose a good suspension and wheels and called it a day. There...

Escaping the Abyss Dec08

Escaping the Abyss

Words by Leo Diaz Photos by Joe Dantone Those of you that have been following StateofSTANCE for some time now, may remember the Abysmal 240 that I posted up. This S15 is no different, just as stunning, just as raw, just as mean and just as abysmal.   This S15 is reppin’ the East Coat hard and was captured beautifuly by Joe Dantone   For more pics visit his...