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Project B-Hate: Coil...

Project B-Hate: Coilover & Wheel Install from State of Stance on Vimeo. Video by: Emil Garcia      I’m a family man. So naturally I have my wife and child in the car fairly often. This can make for quite the noisy car ride! As I watched the odometer tick...

BC Racing | Project B-Hate Dec04

BC Racing | Project B-Hate

BC Racing Project B-Hate     Every company in the car scene is known for a certain car:  StanceWork has Mike Burrow’s E28 5 Series, Highwaystar Garage has Manny’s  Subaru, Beardlife has Hert’s RX-7… the list goes on. These cars embody the company they represent. Once upon a time, State of Stance had Sergio Ramirez’s B8 A4. The car turned heads; were it with the Tiffany blue Rotiforms or the always classy CCW’s. Sadly, its time passed and that vehicle lives only as a memory. Albeit a brilliant one. You could say that we have a thing for Audi’s. We probably wouldn’t deny it....

Industry Leak | Joey Redmond’s Veloster Oct31

Industry Leak | Joey Redmond’s Veloster

Industry Leak Joey Redmond’s Veloster Photo by Trusted Source     Through a trusted source, we have received, on halloween conveniently enough, a photo of Joey Redmonds Matte Orange Hynudai Veloster SEMA Build. The Photo is as real as real gets and we are excited to see the car up close and personal next week at SEMA. Enjoy the teaser/leak, and hopefully it holds you all over until next weeks reveal.  

Formula D: Title Fight Oct30

Formula D: Title Fight

Formula D: Title Fight   Videography by Emil Garcia    

Road to SEMA | Joni Paaso Oct22

Road to SEMA | Joni Paaso

Road to SEMA Joni Paaso   Words by Emil Garcia Photography by Joke Simonen The Road to SEMA Winners have been Chosen and we are happy to present to you our first winner Joni Paaso. Joni hails from finland, the land of amazing rally drivers and when his corolla came into our submission box we already knew he was a front runner to win a spot in our contest. This 2005 Toyota Corolla is not the every day econobox we are used to seeing state-side. Joni has taken his Euro exclusive corolla and bathed in Alfa Romero 8C Red, a color that is eye catching on its own. The Corolla sits atop KSport Air Suspension and DZ1 Wheels are bolted to all...