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9th Annual Churrazco Meet

    It’s been a long time since I’ve been to The Churrazco meet at Markham Park, probably since the first meet. I just finished some aesthetic modifications on my 1987 Turbo II and decided to snap some pics while I was there. The Churrazco Meet is the largest RX/Rotary car show in the south east. All RX bodies and Rotary powered vehicles are welcome and it was a great turn out. RX-7s, RX-3s and Rotary powered Starlets and Samurais were all in attendance.  

BeardLife FC Aug30

BeardLife FC

BeardLife FC Because Beards Are Awesome Photography by Nelson Queralta BeardLife (in case you don’t know) is a blog dedicated to beards, cars, drifting, and culture. As bearded brethren, I have personally been a fan of the blog and movement for several years now. The proprietor, known to friends as BG, is an automotive junkie like the rest of us; spending more time at the track than anywhere else. Over the years we talked at events and meets and I have always been interested in his drifting projects. Most recently his LS powered FC. While he modestly states that the car is not yet ready or up to his standards, for me it is perfect the...

Friday Night Import

Hey SOS viewers Zacdaniel here form South Africa. Don’t really know what to write to you about myself and so on, so I’ll get down to what I’m here for, Cars, Photography and Fun while doing it… This shoot wasn’t really a planned shoot it just happened, the owner...