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Trust Issues Feb14

Trust Issues

Trust Issues Art99erformance A(RS)5 Photography by Jerome Rens Words by Sergio Ramirez If I had to sit down and count the number of people I would trust with certain aspects of my life, I would have a very short list of people, and believe it or not, it would be an even smaller list if I was to think of those I’d trust with putting their hands on my car. My car is an expression of who I am, what I am capable of, and my vision/taste. I’ve had an ongoing friendship with Albert Alonso, owner of Art99erformance in Spain, and let me tell you, if there was one person I would have 100% certainty would do quality work on my car, it would be...

Not A One Hit Wonder Jun02

Not A One Hit Wonder

While writing this up I can’t help to think about the first time I met Huey. It was at the Simply Clean 2 event. As I stood there watching everybody stare at his Civic in astonishment, I couldn’t help to think as beautiful as this car was, can he do it again? Well…Huey defiantly delivers. Huey known for changing rims like some of us change clothes, has also had people waiting for the next event to see what he’ll do next. Kind of like a band releasing new hits, Huey is not a one hit wonder. After sitting down and talking to him during a previous photo shoot I learned that he shared the same goal as me. Which was...

One Spicy Civic Dec29

One Spicy Civic

Words by Sam Hussein Photos by Adam Frandsen What can I say about Huey Le’s 2007 Honda Civic Si?  Words do this car no justice.  The only way to truly admire it is to see it in person.  Huey bought the Civic back in December of ’09.  He enjoys being different which is very hard to do when you own a Civic.  It takes thinking outside the box.  So Huey started with the Habanero Red Pearl, because of its rarety due to its being a discontinued color.  With a plan already in his head he quickly got started buying parts and wheels.  Currently sitting on 17×9 Transparent Candy Teal BBS RS’s, these happen...