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Get Wrecked | J. Redmond’s Mustang Pt 1. May29

Get Wrecked | J. Redmond’s Mustang Pt 1.

Get Wrecked J. Redmonds Mustang pt.1 Words by Emil Garcia Photography by Nelson Queralta While in LA for Formula D Long Beach a few weeks back, the State of Stance team took some time to hang out with a good friend of ours, Joey Redmond. The plan was to chit chat over lunch, but when Joey pulled up in his gorgeous mustang we could not pass up the opportunity to get a few shots. This is just a sneak peek into what’s to come in the future, stick around for updates on this powerful pony! ...

Staff Spotlight : Nelson Queralta Nov29

Staff Spotlight : Nelson Queralta

Staff Spotllight : Nelson Queralta Eyes of the Beholder   Words by Emil Garcia        Under normal circumstances more than one great thing does not come from a disbandment, however in this case two great things have come to light. Earlier this year we introduced Roly Dee as a new staff photographer and StanceTV producer. Today we have the lucky pleasure of introducing our new Director of Photography, Nelson Queralta. Nelson was once a part of the now extinct Smerk Films, and after all the members went their separate ways he continued to shoot under the NQPhoto Moniker. After landing a job the local Splashlight Studios, he dove head...