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Take Two Jan16

Take Two

Take Two MB Battles, Battle It Out Photography By Bryant Nguyen Last week we featured a 4-door Honda Civic on MB Battles. It happens that Ric Guerrero and I had been discussing shooting his car for some time. It was then that I knew I had to throw it up in the MB Battle Battle (say that 3 times fast). Two cars built similar, both clean, both lower|wider, yet each different in their own ways; each displaying their owner’s personality. In the scene its not uncommon to see similar builds, but what I love about that is that no matter how similar, the individual personality of each owner always comes through. Ric definitely added his own...

Keeping It Simple Jan12

Keeping It Simple

Keeping It Simple Simplicity Meets Beauty Words & Photogrpahy By Emil Garcia A Honda Civic sedan, not a car that screams Aggression. Well a Honda Civic is exactly what Kendall, FL native Christopher Ayme was presented with.  Chris took his normal grocery getter and set out on the path to make it a well stanced looker. Taking advantage of another local go-getter’s part out, he acquired a set of K-Sport Kontrol Pros and MB Battles. After a few hours of wrenching and tuning he was left with the car we present to you today.  This Honda Civic takes simplicity to a whole new level. Coils, Wheels, Done! A concept that Chris is sticking...