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Minimalistic GS300 Jun15

Minimalistic GS300

When is come to cars, minimalistic is not always the best building approach to get attention. But then again, builds should not always be about getting attention. Some builds are about the reflection of the owner. Some builds are about beauty through simplicity. Anthony Stagliano did just that with his ’04 Lexus GS300.      Rolling on VarrsToen ES 1.1.2 Hyper Black (19×9.5 +22 / 19×10.5 +22) and Achilles ATR Sport (225/35/19 front, 245/35/19 rear), Anthony’s car looks sinful as the fenders ever so gracefully snuggle the tires courtesy of Megan LP Coilovers w/ custom front RCA’s. As a resident of West Palm...