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Kindred Impulse | The Evolution Jul26

Kindred Impulse | The Evolution

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago when we featured the Blaze Orange EM1 with the K20 (Counting Pennies)? It’s part of a much larger crew (Kindred Impulse), which had cars breaking necks at Import Alliance this year. Today we bring you one of their heavy hitters. Justin Goad’s 2003 Lancer Evolution VIII. As a member of the U.S. Navy, Justin was found out he was embarking on a 7-month deployment. Think of it…   … a whole 7  months to rack up parts while your away.  A whole 7 months of extra money to spend on your car! When Justin returned to the U.S. he had roughly $5k in parts to install. He began with the...

Counting Pennies Jul07

Counting Pennies

As we strive to set State of Stance apart from the rest, we sometimes have to venture outside our hometown to award those who deserve the SOS approval. My recent trip to a small town known as Mandarin, located in the suburbs of Jacksonville, Florida proves that dedication and passion for tuning can be found just about anywhere. On day one I linked up with Miguel Paz, member of Team Kindred Impulse, and owner of the ’99 Honda Civic Si (EM1) we will be looking at today.   Working against the pressures of time, we rushed to find suitable locations so I had little time to admire the exterior. At first glance, the EM1 doesn’t appear...