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Escaping the Abyss Dec08

Escaping the Abyss

Words by Leo Diaz Photos by Joe Dantone Those of you that have been following StateofSTANCE for some time now, may remember the Abysmal 240 that I posted up. This S15 is no different, just as stunning, just as raw, just as mean and just as abysmal.   This S15 is reppin’ the East Coat hard and was captured beautifuly by Joe Dantone   For more pics visit his...

Simply Black Oct01

Simply Black

Simply Black… Chrome! Words by Leo Diaz Photos by Joe Dantone If you’ve seen my car and my build style, its clear to see that I love black and I love Enkei RPFs and this car has both. Beautifully shot by Joe Dantone, I can only imagine what this car is like in person. Cusco...