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Mark My Words May24

Mark My Words

Mark My Words Bagged Jetta Photography by Chris Cruz Here is a car that we basically stumbled upon. It is one of those clean cars that can sometimes be overlooked, but once you notice it, you don’t stop looking. The owner works at a local Hyundai dealership, buried in a sea of Korean engineering, this little German hides very modestly. That is of course until we spotted it.   She was not so shy once in front of the camera. It was then that we really were able to appreciate the smooth lines, air suspension and great fitment of this car. Take a skim through the mod list and you’ll soon see that there is more than meets the...

Fist Pumping Stance Dec02

Fist Pumping Stance

Words By: Leo Diaz Photos By: Adam Frandsen   This Jetta owned by Luis Cardona has one killer fist pumping stance. Lou has been in the Euro scene for over 5 years and started to feel things getting stale. He noticed that in the stance scene there is a wide variety of makes and models and so his wheel fitment addiction begun. The car began its life as his dealership’s Waterfest car before he got his hands on it. Since then the car has seen many stages before arriving to its current State of Stance. Don’t be surprised if next time you see the car its already looking different. Lou gets bored relatively quickly and jumps on new projects...