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Zwart Does It Again Jul11

Zwart Does It Again

You might remember the video we posted back in March of Jeff Zwart destroying the Time Attack 2WD class record at Pike’s Peak in a GT3 Cup car (the first film can be found here). Its been a year since and he did it again. This time shattering his own record by a jaw-droppingĀ 24 seconds...

Pikes Peak | ride-a-long Mar17

Pikes Peak | ride-a-long

There are infamous tracks that challenge drivers with their technical turns such as Laguna Seca’s corkscrew and Tsukuba’s inside hairpin (help Japan). Then there are tracks that seem to be built by gods that take drivers with concrete concentration and iron guts to drive at limit. These tracks have claimed their share of cars and drivers such as Nurburgring (save the ring) and Pikes Peak. Those of you that know me know I’m a nerd for in-car cams. I love studying the lines, steering angles, shifting and such. But this is not about me, this is about Jeff Zwart and his 911 GT3 Cup Car as they broke the Time Attack 2WD class...