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Small World, Big Build Apr23

Small World, Big Build

Small World, Big Build Photography and words by Nelson Queralta My photographic collaborations here at State of Stance usually come as assignments. When shooting a feature I initially see the car, then start to get an idea on where I want to shoot it. At the same time I get in contact with the owner, which most of the time I end up meeting for the first time the day of the shoot. Car owners are awesome; they’re always willing to help so the shoot goes smoothly, whether it’s driving to a remote location or moving the car around multiple times to get the right angle. Knowing this, I always plan everything out before so I can be the...

Daily Driving Is Not A Crime Jun01

Daily Driving Is Not A Crime

I met Mike earlier this year while at an event for AEG. Dan contacted me and asked if I had room in the booth for a sik IS he has just fitted with very aggressive LM20s. When it comes to CCWs and fitment, Dan is never wrong. So of course I said yes. While setting up, I get a call from Mike; he seemed to have been having some geographical issues and was in the wrong location. He was so lost that the event started without his car in the booth. I got some pretty heated stares as I was holding an empty slot (a big car show taboo). I kept saying, “Believe me, the car will be worth it.”  Then about an hour into the event, Mike rolls...