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Black Cherry Pie Dec29

Black Cherry Pie

Black Cherry Pie Josh Fiallo’s Lexus IS Photography by Austin Carmody Austin sent me a sample pic of this IS the other day and I knew it was a car I wanted to share; clean, simple, low and wide. Squatting static on the VIP Modular VR05s courtesy of BC Racing coilovers and some custom bodywork gives this IS the lower|wider™ look. Well done Josh, hope to see more of your car soon! Exterior: Full Vertex lip Kit front and rear massive fender pull and shave 1000K Low Beams and 3000 Fogs JUN Roof wing Suspension: BC RACING Coilovers with 14K/12K rates VIP Modular VR05’s 20×9.5 + 5(est) and 20×11 + 14(est) 235/30/20 and...

Triple Crown Dec28

Triple Crown

Triple Crown Christmas Caroling Gone Wild Photography by Jasper Ash Occasionally we find a great looking IS that we’d love to feature. Then there’s Christmas morning when I wake up to find this seasonal trio of sexy low and wide cars. The family at State of Stance must have been nice this year for us to get such a great gift (Well at least that’s what the big guy thinks…). So we bring you this holiday greeting and wishes of a Happy New Year courtesy of JR Panganiban, Gustavo Padilla, and Peter Pham. Take a moment to appreciate the static height at which these beauties roam the streets. Peter and JR choose 19s, Volk and Work...