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Flawless │ Like a G Sep26

Flawless │ Like a G

Do you ever think to yourself and ask why do we do what we do with our cars ? Why so much prep work for a show that people will just look at your car and keep walking ? Its all because of the passion and the love to keep the scene alive and that’s what we noticed in Ariel’s G35. Every day it gets more and more difficult to make sure you stand out. Once Ariel laid eyes on this G35 he already knew what the game plan was for it. Looks were his main focus so soon after he bought the car he went with a set of K Sport Kontrol coil overs to comfort his ride and height. After some motivation from TruFitment’s leader Johnny he...

Small World, Big Build Apr23

Small World, Big Build

Small World, Big Build Photography and words by Nelson Queralta My photographic collaborations here at State of Stance usually come as assignments. When shooting a feature I initially see the car, then start to get an idea on where I want to shoot it. At the same time I get in contact with the owner, which most of the time I end up meeting for the first time the day of the shoot. Car owners are awesome; they’re always willing to help so the shoot goes smoothly, whether it’s driving to a remote location or moving the car around multiple times to get the right angle. Knowing this, I always plan everything out before so I can be the...

Retro Modern Aug31

Retro Modern

Retro Modern Bought hre a Present Photography by Nelson Queralta It was about 11 years ago that I met Eddie Figerio. I had just started modding my first S2000 and he showed up at the shop looking for some tuning direction on his BuddyClub piggy back. There were obvious similarities amongst our tuning styles and he and I hit it off very quickly. That S2000 later saw 19″ HREs and a large turbo setup. It was that first set of HREs that made him fall in love with the wheel brand. It happens that every car he’s owned since has also carried the HRE brand. So it was no surprise when they appeared on his current project; a 2009 BMW...