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Absolut Golf Nov30

Absolut Golf

Absolut Golf Swedish Built, German Styled Photos by Hjalmar Car culture is global. No matter where you go you will find a car scene, and where ever you find a car scene you will find a stance sub-culture. Its in the stance sub-culture of Sweden that we find today’s featured car built by Richard HÃ¥veland. Richard, known to his friends as “Mingan” (yet he won’t tell why) not only owns this ’98 Golf IV 1.6 SR, he is also the proud owner of a ’78 Golf MK1. His passion with VWs started around 2009. It was around that time that he saw his 1st German styled car. Since then he has emulated that German styling...

Slammed GTI Nov22

Slammed GTI

Our good friend Alex sent us this video of a nice and clean slammed Golf and we had to share! Check it out!!!

Chasing Ch-hab Jul12

Chasing Ch-hab

Owner: Youssef Ch-hab Car: 2003 VW Golf GTI Words & Photos: Austin Carmody If you are part of the car scene in Tampa, Fl. then you already know this car. I myself have seen this car plenty of times at local events but had never met the owner. Luckly for me, I met Youssef Ch-hab at the perfect time. Just before our shoot, Youssef bagged his ’03 golf GTI and installed the R32 front bumper. He mentioned to me that this is just the begining of the car’s complete make over. OEM R32 side skirts have been ordered and Youssef is now debating between the OEM R32 rear bumper and a 20th AE rear valance. Being a self proclaimed...