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Darth-Zilla | Strasse Forged GT-R Feb20

Darth-Zilla | Strasse Forged GT-R

Godzilla’s Dark Side Strasse Forged GT-R Photography by Raymond Niece Words by Leo Diaz Godzilla, in direct translation means “Giant Monster”. To most, the word conjures up images of the world wide pop culture creature first seen emerging on Japan’s coast in Tomoyuki Tanaka’s 1954’s film self-titled Godzilla. To other is can only mean one thing; the giant monster of the automotive scene, the Nissan Skyline GT-R. This dark horse you see here is a meaner version of the arch nemesis of Mothra. It is a twisted version of Nissan’s flagship performance vehicle. While Nissan exported the Japan-only built car mainly to Hong...