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Uzi Firing Squad Dec19

Uzi Firing Squad

Uzi Firing Squad  lower|wider ™ Styled Cabrio Photography by Jared Houston When one thinks about a Cabrio, they think top down, great weather, wind blowing through your hair and tunes jamming. Fuck that Ken & Barbie bullshit, this is the Uzi Edition Cabrio; and I don’t mean Modern Warfare styling. I’m talking slammed, tucking, poking, shining, and looking badass and clean styling. Brian Cook, known to most as “Uzi”, built this 1998 VW Cabrio with the lower|wider™ mentality. This of course is not his first rodeo. He has built an MKIV, two MKIIs and an MKIII. When it came to this Cabrio, he noticed that not many people where...

Simply Clean 3 | Part 2

Photos by Tony Mo Photography Simply Clean has to be one of my top 3 favorite events in Florida. The, location, the people behind it, the attendees, the cars… all great and when rolled into one place, all make for an amazing event. It truly is one of those events that I feel will become an annual tradition. Here are some more pics from the event.

Simply Clean 3 | Part 1

Photos by: Austin Carmody The 3rd annual Simply Clean event took place this past weekend at Route46. Route46 has played host to a basket of automotive events, but none like Simply Clean. As the sun started to crack over the Florida sky, Nik and his staff where already hard at work to ensure that this 3rd annual event was more organized and more streamlined than last year. From everything I heard, his plan was a success. The event saw a numerous attendance and large support from the automotive community, manufactures and vendors such as Titan Motorsports, CCW, Discount Tire Co., “WE”, State of Stance, ILDS, SSP Vinyl, HighwayStar...