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Smile for the…Camry? Sep06

Smile for the…Camry?

Smile for the…Camry? Not the Usual Words by Emil Garcia Photography by AL Captures Melbourne, Australia; home of kangaroos, dingos and stanced Camrys… The Toyota Camry holds the crown as the best-selling mid-sized sedan in North America, but to this Australia Native it is a very “un-projecty” Project. This 8th generation Camry was your normal run of the mill family car until Rhys put his hands on it. The Camry received the visual treatment via RK-sports lip kit. The Rollers are SSR Professor MS1s (F/19×9.5 R/19×10), and the car sits static with D2 coilovers. Being as Rhys is a man on a mission; he continued...