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Because Racekor Mar06

Because Racekor

Because Racekor The Legend Behind the Racekor Photography by Steven Martinez There are cars and then there are cars. What I mean, simply put is that there are cars that you see on the road and say; “Oh cool.” Then there are cars that you see and the image is branded into your memory banks with a glowing red prod that says WTF! Flat black, sitting on flat black CCW Classics, staring at you with big bug eyes, just waiting for you to dare it to do something… This is that prod wielding car; a car that defies all tuning styles and themes to truly transcend the aura of a driver… a driver known simply as Manny. Manny Collazo, one...

Simply Black Oct01

Simply Black

Simply Black… Chrome! Words by Leo Diaz Photos by Joe Dantone If you’ve seen my car and my build style, its clear to see that I love black and I love Enkei RPFs and this car has both. Beautifully shot by Joe Dantone, I can only imagine what this car is like in person. Cusco...

One SUPRA-sized Build Aug25

One SUPRA-sized Build

JDM Styles | One SUPRA-sized Build Words by: Leo Diaz Photos by: FAL Photography & Squeek Studios As State of Stance continues to grow you will start to see more and more features on the site. These features will range from full race cars with sik track stance all the way to complete street cars with sik hardpark’d stance. Rest assured that we will only bring you features of cars that will make you want to just stare at the pictures over and over again. This car is one of those cars; sitting right in the middle of the spectrum. Not quite a full race car, but far from a daily driver. This 1997 15th Anniversary Edition Toyota Supra is a...