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Fist Pumping Stance Dec02

Fist Pumping Stance

Words By: Leo Diaz Photos By: Adam Frandsen   This Jetta owned by Luis Cardona has one killer fist pumping stance. Lou has been in the Euro scene for over 5 years and started to feel things getting stale. He noticed that in the stance scene there is a wide variety of makes and models and so his wheel fitment addiction begun. The car began its life as his dealership’s Waterfest car before he got his hands on it. Since then the car has seen many stages before arriving to its current State of Stance. Don’t be surprised if next time you see the car its already looking different. Lou gets bored relatively quickly and jumps on new projects...

One SUPRA-sized Build Aug25

One SUPRA-sized Build

JDM Styles | One SUPRA-sized Build Words by: Leo Diaz Photos by: FAL Photography & Squeek Studios As State of Stance continues to grow you will start to see more and more features on the site. These features will range from full race cars with sik track stance all the way to complete street cars with sik hardpark’d stance. Rest assured that we will only bring you features of cars that will make you want to just stare at the pictures over and over again. This car is one of those cars; sitting right in the middle of the spectrum. Not quite a full race car, but far from a daily driver. This 1997 15th Anniversary Edition Toyota Supra is a...