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Reel Steal | Part 2 of 3 Mar05

Reel Steal | Part 2 of 3

Reel Steel | Part 2 0f 3 Orange You Glad Reel Steal Is Back Photography by Divan Shepherd

Real Steel Feb24

Real Steel

Real Steel Steelies Gone Wild | Part 1 of 3 Photography by Divan Shepherd   As the fitment scene continues to overtake the globe one city at a time, we’ll be there to bring it to you. As many of you may already be aware Cape Town, South Africa is slowly growing as a fitment community. Watching this style of tuning extend to the far reaches of the planet excites me. Here are two Civic from Cape Town that are already turning the heads of locals. While parts are still scarce in many areas and some modifications are illegal in many countries, this has not stopped those with a passion. From shortened Monroe shocks up front to...

Eight Doors of Honda Heaven Oct08

Eight Doors of Honda Heaven

Words By: Leo Diaz Photos By: Raphael Velez The DC chassis is by far my favorite Integra body of all time. And the 4 door DB has always had a corner of my heart. When I heard that the guys at VelocityShop had to JDM front’ed 4 door DBs, my interest was instantly attained. It turns out that both of these cars go well beyond all the mother land facelifts and laundry list of brand names. Both of these cars boast serious under hood goodness. Both of the two most popular routes for tuning, either boost or K swap, are displayed in these shop cars. Sporting a K swap, fully polished Work wheels and a tuner’s wish list of parts, Avi...