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Uzi Firing Squad Dec19

Uzi Firing Squad

Uzi Firing Squad  lower|wider ™ Styled Cabrio Photography by Jared Houston When one thinks about a Cabrio, they think top down, great weather, wind blowing through your hair and tunes jamming. Fuck that Ken & Barbie bullshit, this is the Uzi Edition Cabrio; and I don’t mean Modern Warfare styling. I’m talking slammed, tucking, poking, shining, and looking badass and clean styling. Brian Cook, known to most as “Uzi”, built this 1998 VW Cabrio with the lower|wider™ mentality. This of course is not his first rodeo. He has built an MKIV, two MKIIs and an MKIII. When it came to this Cabrio, he noticed that not many people where...