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BC Racing | Project B-Hate Dec04

BC Racing | Project B-Hate

BC Racing Project B-Hate     Every company in the car scene is known for a certain car:  StanceWork has Mike Burrow’s E28 5 Series, Highwaystar Garage has Manny’s  Subaru, Beardlife has Hert’s RX-7… the list goes on. These cars embody the company they represent. Once upon a time, State of Stance had Sergio Ramirez’s B8 A4. The car turned heads; were it with the Tiffany blue Rotiforms or the always classy CCW’s. Sadly, its time passed and that vehicle lives only as a memory. Albeit a brilliant one. You could say that we have a thing for Audi’s. We probably wouldn’t deny it....

Lady In Red Jan03

Lady In Red

Words by Leo Diaz Photos by Hector Chacon What can be said about Sergio Ramirez’s Audi A4 can also be said about Sergio himself; “unique”! Sergio is one of the lucky people that live where most people vacation, a town full of nightlife, vices, art and of course style. So it is no surprise that this masterfully stanced Audi resides in the MIA. Step into Miami for the first time and you’ll be overwhelmed by the energy, a subtle touch of slow moving Caribbean life during the day with a intense pulse of hectic city nightlife when the sun goes down. You can’t help but notice all the design aspects that are infused...